We are a property valuation firm specializing in the preparation of expert appraisal reports for litigation purposes.

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Real Estate Valuators and Litigation Experts

D.A. Aberdeen & Associates Ltd. staff have well developed skills in the areas of research and analysis and we provide well researched, quality appraisal reports.  David and Elizabeth Aberdeen have developed a unique understanding of the standards by which legal appraisals are judged and the scrutiny they must withstand.  All assignments are crafted with meticulous attention to detail ensuring the best opportunity for a successful result before an adjudicating body.


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Appraisal reports prepared by our firm are exclusively narrative type reports which meet the full requirements of the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice as adopted by the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

We have appeared as expert witnesses in property valuation on related matters before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the Expropriation Compensation Board of British Columbia and private arbitrations.

Our experience has shown that preparation and presentation of thoroughly researched, accurate information is of utmost importance in order to achieve a successful result before an adjudicating body.

Our Firm

D.A. Aberdeen & Associates Ltd. is an established real estate firm located in Victoria, B.C.  The company was founded in 1994 and has evolved into a small volume appraisal house specializing in complex appraisal problems, often involving litigation. Our appraisal experience is supplemented by extensive appearances as an expert witness before court, tribunals and private arbitrations.


David Aberdeen

David A Aberdeen


Thirty (30) years private fee appraisal experience providing market value estimates for a wide variety of property types including industrial, commercial, office, agricultural and residential. Well developed expertise in the appraisal of wireless communication sites, development land, agricultural properties and forested lands.

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Real Estate Valuators

“I find myself more persuaded by the testimony, both written and oral, of Mr. Aberdeen.

He was a direct, candid witness who showed no signs of defensiveness or inconsistency”.

Fiona M. St. Clair

Vice Chair, ECB.

Elizabeth A. Aberdeen

Elizabeth A. Aberdeen


Twenty-Nine years of fee appraisal experience in a wide variety of property types including industrial, commercial, office, agricultural and residential. Specialization in the preparation of reports for litigation purposes including expropriation and lease arbitration.  Extensive experience in narrative and form appraisals for acquisition and financing purposes.

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We are located in Victoria on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada



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